Why Is A Glass Shower Enclosure Useful

Why is Glass Shower Enclosure Useful?

When people plan to renovate their house or a part of it, and one of the rooms is the bathroom, they come upon the question – what should we do with the bathtub? One of the options is to get a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure. Apart from the aesthetic side of the question, why else […]

Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless Steel Railings

Belka Glass did an installation about a month ago in Richmond Hill. Stainless Steel posts for steps and glass railings at the entrance. Stainless Steel Round Handrail for comfortable grabbing. This type of railing system is durable and long living. Rust is not a problem, no rotting (unlike wood). Posts are sturdy – being screwed […]

combination of Glass and Wood in Railings

The combination of Glass and Wood in Railings

When you see a wooden and glass railing system like such, you might wonder why someone chose to incorporate these two together. That is a fair question – if someone is ordering custom glass railings, why use wood for handrails and place the glass into a wooden base? Why bother with glass if one would […]

contact what happen

What happens after you contact the US

Once you have decided and either called us, filled out a form on our website or DM’ed us on Instagram or Facebook, this sequence of events will follow. Theme You will be asked what projects you want to do. Rest assured that any glass project on your mind will be possible with Belka Glass. We […]