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Custom Mirror Installation – DIY step-by-step Guide

If you are thinking of enhancing the beauty of your house with mirrors you may have ended up deciding to order some Custom Mirrors. While it may seem easy, the Custom Mirror Installation process must be taken seriously. Below is a comprehensive guide that will help you to get the Installation done safely and successfully.

Disclaimer: Mirrors are not tempered and are dangerous to humans if broken, always be careful when handling and always wear protective equipment.

The Place for Custom Mirror Installation

The place where you will be installing the Custom Mirror is the first thing you should look at.

You may have decided to place it on a surface, in a J-channel or let it free hang.

  • Custom Mirror Installations onto a surface (baseboard, vanity, or any other physical object that is attached to a wall) are the safest and require the least hassle.
  • J-channels are also a great option in terms of elegance and safety. However, they do require a bit of work to be done.
  • Free Hanging Mirrors are probably the best looking option but are the least safe and require the longest Installation time.

Surface Installation

When doing a Custom Mirror Installation onto a solid surface all you have to do is take the right measurements. If you ordered the right size, the rest should be a walk in the park. There are 3 easy steps once you acquire the mirror:

  • Double Check if the sizes are correct
  • Apply Mirror Mastic onto the area behind the Mirror.
  • Clear the area of any objects (chargers, lights, towel hangers).
  • Now, Carefully place the bottom of the mirror onto the surface and lean it against the area where Mastic is applied.
  • Gently push onto the mirror, for the Mastic to stick, for a few seconds.


Another option is to enclose the Custom Mirror in J-channels. They come of many colors – chrome, black, golden and more. The good thing about them is that you can hang the Custom Mirror anywhere and they are very safe. There are a few more steps needed for this type of installation.

  • Cut the J-channel to the size of the bottom of the mirror. Make the edges at 45 degrees.
  • Use a stud-finder to find studs in the area where you want to place the mirror.
  • Level the J-channel and screw it to the studs.
  • Then apply Mastic to the area where you will place the mirror.
  • Lift the mirror and put it into the J-channel, push against it gently, for the Mastic to stick.
  • Enclose the other edges with J-channels – apply silicone into the groove of the channel for it to stick to the mirror.

Free Hanging Custom Mirror Installation

Free Hanging Custom Mirrors are an extremely attractable part of any design project. However, it is a bit more time consuming. There are 2 parts to this Installation.

Step 1: Installation

  • Figure out the place where you will hang the Mirror.
  • Apply the Mirror Mastic to the area behind the Mirror.
  • Lift the Mirror and stick onto the Mastic. Push gently for a few seconds for better adhesion.

Step 2: Supports

  • Prepare at least 2 pieces of wood or plastic that will be used to hold the Mirror in place until Mastic will solidify.
  • These pieces will also be used to level out the Mirror.
  • Take a look at the photo to the right and try to replicate it in a similar manner.
  • According to the label on your Mastic the cure time may differ – keep the supports until the cure time passes plus 1 additional day – better safe than sorry.

It is advised to hire a professional Custom Mirror Installation team for this type of Installation. Belka Glass has 12 years of experience in the Glass Industry. Lets Get in Touch and Make Your House a Beautiful Place.

Custom Mirror Installation Tips

When applying the Mastic – make sure to not pour too much close to where the edge of the Custom Mirror will be – it might spill to the side during installation.

Before the Custom Mirror Installation – always do a demo installation – without the Mastic or J-channel – make sure you are happy with the placement and you are able to fit the mirror into the space.

It is recommended to avoid having large mirrors to be free-hanging.

When using J-channels – aim to drill it into a minimum of 2 studs – use plugs for any screw that misses a stud.

Refer to the Building Code – Avoid hanging the Custom Mirror over or adjacent to any exit – to avoid confusion of the direction of the exit and minimize the risk of it falling from high due to frequent vibrations from the door and people walking in and out.

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