Glass Railings Cost in Toronto

How Much do Glass Railings Cost in Toronto

Glass Railings are always a great addition to your house. Whether it be on the deck, porch or interior staircase railings. Glass Railings go well with many design styles and configurations. However, a common problem for people looking to renovate and add Glass Railings is that they are unsure where to start. The renovation time, the Glass Railings Cost, any complications, who to hire?

Today I will try to make the process a little bit easier and will give a guide about Glass Railings Cost in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Are Glass Railings Worth it?

At first, lets settle the question of whether or not Glass Railings are even worth it in the first place.

There are 4 major benefits that Custom Glass Railings have, as opposed to other types of materials used for staircases, balconies, pools and decks.


Glass may not sound like a “tough-built” material. However, residential and commercial Glass Railings are one of the best option when it comes to safety. Tempered Glass is extremely hard to break. Posts and mountings are all regulated and inspected.

Here at Belka Glass we use the highest quality material, always follow the Building Code and offer you more than a decade of experience in Glass Railings Installation in Toronto.

To find out more about the Glass Railings Building Code click this link.

Ease of Maintenance & Durability

Glass Railings are a great option when looking to keep the cleaning to a minimum. A simple wipe of a cloth will be enough to get rid of any dust that may be. All the materials used at Belka Glass are made from Stainless Steel – rusting is excluded.

Glass does not change color from age or sun exposure – unlike wood, plastic or aluminum.

Design Potential of Glass Railings

Custom Glass Railings are irreplaceable when it comes to being an essential part of any home improvement or design project. Their modern and clean look will always compliment the rest of the design without being annoying to the eye. Transparent Glass can add a clean look, Frosted Glass can be used for privacy purposes or to underline an architectural idea. Tinted Glass is the best way to add a luxury look to your design.

Glass Railings Increase the Value of Your Property

Adding Glass Railings, Balcony Guards, Pool Guards or any other Glass products to your house increase its value in the eyes of potential customers. Custom Glass Railings are an investment that will guarantee profit if you are looking to rent or sell your property in the future.

Read about what Real Estate Experts have to say about Glass Railings and Property Values – click this link to learn more.

Glass Railings Cost in Toronto

Now that you are more aware of the reasons to get Glass Railings in Toronto, lets take a look at the price range to expect when contacting companies about starting a Glass Railing Project in Toronto.

The typical cost of linear footage will be around $150-220 per linear foot of railing. The exact cost will greatly depend on the type of Glass, mounting hardware, handrail length and total length of Glass Railings.


While Glass Railings may be more expensive than other railing materials the benefits of Glass Railings outweigh their higher rate. Both the design potential and return on investment that you get from Glass Railings are unmatched to any other material.

Belka Glass has been providing top notch quality Glass Services in Toronto and the surrounding areas for over a decade. Learn More about the Glass Railings service offered by our team and do not hesitate to ask any question. You will receive answers today!

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