Residential Glass Stair Railing: Things You need to Know

Are you looking to upgrade your home look? Or are you building a new project that requires a few aesthetics? If so, then you have come to the right place. We will cover some exciting facts about residential glass stair railings to enhance your glass knowledge. First, bear in mind that glass adds value to your home. Secondly, it gives a more spacious look than other staircase railings. Therefore, installing a glass railing system in residential is always preferred to uplift your home’s look.

Before diving into details, let us first ponder the three types of residential glass stair railings. Namely, dadoed, standoff, and clamped.

A Residential Glass Stair Railing:

A residential glass stair railing has the cleanest look. This residential glass railing does not need any visible screws, clamps, or clips to hold the glass. Instead, the glass railing system is fixed within a wooden frame. The wooden frame acts as a support system to hold the glass panels in their position. This is known as glass railing, where no visible screws or hardware is installed directly on the glass. This provides the cleanest look of all staircases.

Standoff Residential Glass Railing Systems:

A standoff residential glass railing system has small round pins or screws attached to the glass panels. This type of indoor residential glass stair railing is popular because it requires no additional framework to hold the glass panels in their desired position. Instead, round holes for cylindrical screws are pre-drilled in the vertical glass panels to hold the entire railing. Therefore, it does not require any wooden or stainless steel frame to support the glass panels. It is a popular staircase railing commonly used for indoor and outdoor places.

Clamped Glass Railing System Residential:

A clamped glass railing system residential is another appealing railing style. In this railing design, the glass panels are held together with wooden or steel clamps on the rods. These clamps then act as a holding force to support two glass shields on the staircase. It is commonly used for round staircases. This type of residential glass stair railing is prevalent for some due to the variation in installing wooden or steel rods.  

Now let us consider some areas where we can install residential glass stair railings. You can easily install glass railings inside your homes, offices, and commercial buildings. Glass railings have a higher demand than any other type of railing system. It is more popular than aluminium and wooden railings. Glass has its own benefits. It adds a modern look to your house or workplace. Therefore, most architects select glass railings for indoor residential staircases.

Types of Glass to be used for Residential Glass Stair Railings:

It is important to note that different varieties of glass structures are available in the market. It all depends on your need and home requirement. For example, if you want to install a glass railing system for your house, it would be different from that of a commercial building. A glass railing in a commercial building will be stronger and heat-resistant than a standard indoor residential glass railing system. Thus, making it different from standard glass.

Standard glass, known as annealed glass, is the most basic form of all glasses. Tempered glass or safety glass, is four times stronger than regular glass, and it is safe when it breaks. It means that whenever a safety glass is damaged or broken, it is harmless compared to an ordinary glass structure. The reason is that some additional safety layer is added to the glass to make its broken edges as harmless as possible.

Furthermore, if we add some resin or additional bond in the safety glass, then it becomes unbreakable. This type of glass is also known as bullet-proof glass, and it is commonly used in most commercial buildings.

Moreover, there is another type of glass structure known as heat-strengthened glass. Heat-treated glass is 3–4 times stronger than a standard glass structure. But it has one drawback, it goes into small sharp shards when broken, which may cause severe injury. Therefore, this one is not so popular in residential glass stair railings.

Before selecting the type of glass to install in your residential glass stair railing, be sure about its thickness. For indoor glass railings, a 6 mm thick glass railing is usually recommended by architects. However, for outdoor railing systems, a glass 10 mm thick is often recommended. But it all depends on the location of your glass railing system.

If you are planning to install a glass railing inside your house, near a swimming pool, or on the balcony, you must first consider many other factors before installing anything.

Other Things to Consider Before Installing Residential Interior Glass Railings:

It is essential to consider the cost of the glass and your budget. Before finalising any railing system, you should be familiar with all specs and details. Your architect should have a general idea of your interior design and budget. Furthermore, whatever type of glass you install, you should be familiar with its cleaning process. Taking care of all glass railings is extremely significant to meet all your aesthetic requirements.

Hire a Professional Glass Railing System Installer:

Taking care of your new residential glass stair railing might not be a big deal, but installing your glass railing system should be done professionally. If possible, always seek professional glass installers help while deciding which glass railing system to install. You can always call us for more information on our services.

A Final Note:

Residential interior glass railings are very beneficial for most purposes. It adds value to your place, it increases property value, you can decorate it according to your taste, and it gives a modern look to your place. Furthermore, glass is easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance. Therefore, installing residential glass stair railings is always a good choice.

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