Stainless Steel Railings

Stainless Steel Railings

Belka Glass did an installation about a month ago in Richmond Hill. Stainless Steel posts for steps and glass railings at the entrance. Stainless Steel Round Handrail for comfortable grabbing.

This type of railing system is durable and long living. Rust is not a problem, no rotting (unlike wood). Posts are sturdy – being screwed right into the concrete, it will take enormous force to rip them out. Glass Railing is installed around the entrance for safety – the entrance is high above the ground. Glass eliminates any chance of an accidental fall.

This railing system gives your property a modern and luxurious look – now is the time of metal and glass railings. They are safe, long-lasting and good-looking. Glass and stainless steel posts do not change colour over time, do not rot, are mounted into concrete, and are extra stable – unlike wood.

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