combination of Glass and Wood in Railings

The combination of Glass and Wood in Railings

When you see a wooden and glass railing system like such, you might wonder why someone chose to incorporate these two together.

That is a fair question – if someone is ordering custom glass railings, why use wood for handrails and place the glass into a wooden base?

Why bother with glass if one would like to use wood in their design?

There are two main reasons one would want to use wood in combination with custom glass railings.

1 – A wooden handrail is always warm to the touch and has a natural texture that you might prefer over metal. A metallic handrail will be colder to touch during winter than the wooden one.

2 – A wooden base is a highly stable structure to mount glass railings into – put them into it, and safety and durability are guaranteed (if adequately measured and fabricated, obviously). A wooden base also minimizes the amount of hardware on the stairs making the stairs look minimalistic and one piece. Having glass stand in between posts divides whole stairs into segments. Often, people would like that to be eliminated. A wooden base minimizes segmentation – glass railing pieces are standing side by side with minimal space between them.

In any of the above cases, a custom glass railing system for the interior or exterior, with intelligent planning and execution, will only benefit from using wooden parts.

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