Why Is A Glass Shower Enclosure Useful

Why is Glass Shower Enclosure Useful?

When people plan to renovate their house or a part of it, and one of the rooms is the bathroom, they come upon the question – what should we do with the bathtub? One of the options is to get a Custom Glass Shower Enclosure. Apart from the aesthetic side of the question, why else could one consider getting a custom glass shower?

Some of the reasons are below:

Warmth in a Glass Shower

If a person is taking a shower in a bathtub, it can be hard to feel comfortable at all times. The only parts of the body that feel comfortable are the ones under the stream of water at that instant in time. This can pose a discomfort, especially if the winter is at full strength. A glass shower gets rid of this problem. It is a room within a room – you set its temperature to be identical to the water’s temperature. A glass shower of any type (neo-angle framed, hinged, square, custom shape) keeps the temperature well and provides extra comfort. This happens even if the shower is not a steam shower.

Steam showers are home saunas. The area of the shower is smaller than the area of the whole bathroom, so water and its steam warm it up much faster as compared to the whole bathroom, and more importantly, the warmth is kept inside of the shower.


You do not need to get rid of the original bathtub. A panel and a door can be installed on top of the original bathtub.

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Glass Bathtub Door

Privacy of a Glass Shower

With Glass Shower Enclosures, there is always the option to use frosted glass – it is even less see-through than the curtain in the bathroom.

Below are examples of a Glass Shower Enclosure with frosted glass.

Glass Installation in Toronto
Custom Glass in York Region

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